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'Under Attack Like Never Before' - 41318
Nama:'Under Attack Like Never Before' - 41318
User:The Glenn Beck Program

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Hour 1 

Christianity = Fair Game...under attack like never before...Corey Booker puts faith is on trial...pulling Christianity out of the closet...Flashback: Hillary Clinton 'Marriage, is between a man and woman' ...War drums with Russia beating louder? room for a mistake here...a new Cuban missile crisis...No more wars, especially with Russia...America wake up! ...Add Scooter Libby to Trump's 'pardon' list...nice timing President Trump ...Maybe a rapture is coming??...PBS is set to go conservative??...'In Principal' with Amy Holmes and Michael Gerson...Premieres Tonight!...Glenn Beck to be shows first guest on Friday The 13th, what could possibly go wrong?....#InPrincipleOnPBS ...Russia is ready to start World War III and CNN is talking about 'Pee Pee Tapes' 


Hour 2 

The patriarchy strikes again!...Fat activists are furious after this college course is cancelled...'thin privilege'…Glenn in a chair with Oreos? ...Gender-bending with Bill O'Reilly from ( war with Syria coming?...Mattis is calling all the shots...Attorney-client privilege is being destroyed right before our eyes…law vs. how we interpret law?...O’Reilly: ‘No attorney-client privilege in this country anymore’...At All Costs: Media wants Trump out of office…listen to the next hour for ‘a story that has been buried for so long’ 


Hour 3 

‘Chappaquiddick’ movie...Family members of Mary Jo Kopechne speak to Glenn…first cousin Georgetta Nelson Potoski setting the record discuss the historical accuracy of the movie...who was Mary Jo Kopechne?, accomplished, known for her values and character… her parents ‘were destroyed when their only daughter died’...they got ‘nasty letters’ for all their lives about her…speculation and theories on high?...James Comey talk or IHOP?... 'One-of-a-Kind French Toast' talk/eating?... ‘science purposes only’...Glenn loves Hawaiian rolls, isn’t sure about this?...look, media, we all already know Trump’s record with women

The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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